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來源:http://www.knwhs.com/ 日期:2021-04-21
Nowadays, fireproof board is a kind of board product that many families will choose to use for decoration, but in the process of using fireproof board, it is inevitable that it will cause damage to fireproof board. The more common problem is scratch on its surface, so how to solve this problem?
1、市場上防火板已相當普遍了,而且也是越來越受消費者喜愛,其材質的天 然、環保,紋理自然清晰,按其色澤和樣式可以分為不同的處理方法,也是會依據防火板表面劃痕的深淺來選擇不同的修補方式,顏色淺的防火板是可以選擇用蠟來修復劃痕,首先我們需要對蠟處理,即將蠟刮成粉粒狀然后均勻涂抹在劃痕處,之后加熱涂抹在劃痕上的蠟粉粒,讓蠟可以充分融化,然后處理掉多余的蠟(滲出劃痕的蠟)待蠟慢慢冷卻,再去觀察劃痕就沒那么明顯了。
1. Fireproof boards are quite common in the market, and they are more and more popular with consumers. Their materials are natural and environment-friendly, and the texture is natural and clear. According to their color and style, they can be divided into different treatment methods, and different repair methods will be selected according to the depth of scratch on the surface of fireproof boards. For the fireproof boards with light color, wax can be used to repair the scratch, First of all, we need to treat the wax, that is, scrape the wax into powder particles, and then evenly apply them on the scratch, then heat the powder particles applied on the scratch, so that the wax can fully melt, and then dispose of the excess wax (wax exuding from the scratch) until the wax cools slowly, and then observe that the scratch is not so obvious.
2. If you want to quickly cover small scratches, you should smash the flesh of walnut, hickory or Brazil nut, rub the flesh along the scratch, and the oil in the flesh will darken the scratch. In this way, the repaired fireproof board looks smooth and glossy, which can "confuse the fake with the real".
3、防火板漆面擦傷,未觸及漆下木質,可使用同家具顏色一致的蠟筆或是顏料,在防火板的創面涂抹, 覆蓋外露的底色,然后使用透明的指甲油薄薄地涂一層就可以了,看起來還是和原來的沒什么差別。
3. The fire board is scratches on the surface of the paint. It does not touch the wood. It can use the crayons or pigments that are the same color as the furniture. It spreads on the wound surface of the fireproof board, covers the exposed background, and then spreads the layer with transparent nail polish. It looks like it is still not different from what it used to be.
4. First of all, cut a lemon and drop it on the scratch with lemon juice. After a while, dry it with a soft cloth soaked in hot water and quickly dry and polish it. This is mainly to make use of the combination of the acidity of lemon juice and wood to highlight the concave wood.
The above is about the introduction of "how to solve the scratch problem on the surface of fireproof board". I hope it can help you. If you want to know more information, please consult the official website: fumeijia Shandong general agent.